Learning, Playing and Building Your Toddler's Confidence

Our Toddler Program, designed for children 12 months old to 24 months old, is rooted in the fundamentals of early development, learning and socialization. It is designed to give children daily opportunities for sensory experiences, gross and fine motor development and language acquisition. Children in our Toddler Program also develop basic life skills and "self-help" skills. Teachers scaffold and facilitate children's intentional learning and play experiences throughout their day.

At Lee Christian Preschool Academy we use a proprietary curriculum to introduce your child to the basic elements of early learning such as visual recognition of letters, numbers, colors, shapes, patterns, songs, and problem-solving. We also provide a healthy social & emotional environment that promotes self-awareness and confidence.  Your toddler will enjoy a daily balance of learning and social activities, music, and movement and plenty of outdoor climbing, running and jumping. It is the optimum environment for learning at this level of development!

Toddler Exploration & Discovery

As children become more mobile our Toddler Program offers exciting opportunities for exploration and discovery through a variety of learning experiences. We encourage your child to explore and learn through play with blocks and puzzles, creative art and imaginary play. We enjoy books each day through circle time and incorporating stories and songs that encourage language skills. Your toddler will explore through parallel play and gain confidence, learn problem-solving, and self-awareness all in a safe and nurturing setting with adult guided participation. Your toddler will experience healthy peer interaction while participating in activities that strengthen gross motor skills, such as balancing, catching, bouncing, and standing on tip-toes; and fine motor skills through activities such as drawing, painting, and coloring.

Teaching Basic Life Skills

In addition to academic stimulation, your toddler will also learn basic life and "self-help" skills that promote independence and a healthy lifestyle such as hand washing, putting on and taking off their own socks, shoes, and coats, picking up toys and sharing with friends.

Toddler’s are very creative in finding different ways to have fun while still trying to balance themselves. We focus on developing core skills (language development, hands on/sensory activities, self-help skills, music, and gross motor development) to help them grow and learn while also creating a fun and safe environment.

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I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.
Psalm 32:8